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Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame is located in the lobby of the McDonough Sports Complex.

To date, there are 66 outstanding teams and individuals who have been enshrined in the Athletic Hall of Fame.

2017 Hall of Fame Press Release


Name Graduated
Lindsay Bradt full bio Lindsay Bradt Graduated:  
Tracy Chesebrough full bio Tracy Chesebrough Graduated:  
Willie Hammett full bio Willie Hammett Graduated:  
2001 Men's Ice Hockey Team full bio 2001 Men's Ice Hockey Team Graduated:  
Kristina Jenkins full bio Kristina Jenkins Graduated:  
Robert Jojo full bio Robert Jojo Graduated:  
Emmanuel Marc full bio Emmanuel Marc Graduated:  
Darnell Stapleton full bio Darnell Stapleton Graduated:  


Name Graduated
Amy Barnhart full bio Amy Barnhart Graduated: 1990
Kris Bowles full bio Kris Bowles Graduated: 1994
Tim Brown full bio Tim Brown Graduated: 1992
John Buono full bio John Buono Graduated: 1968
Maria Gutierrez full bio Maria Gutierrez Graduated: 1999
Kelly Raber full bio Kelly Raber Graduated:  
Tom Rogan full bio Tom Rogan Graduated:  


Name Graduated
Jenifer Baldrey full bio Jenifer Baldrey Graduated: 1989
Paul Bishop full bio Paul Bishop Graduated:  
Mark Galuski full bio Mark Galuski Graduated: 1981
Daniel Hytko full bio Daniel Hytko Graduated:  
Mary Nagle full bio Mary Nagle Graduated: 1995
Mark Ray full bio Mark Ray Graduated: 1988
1992-93 Women's Basketball Team full bio 1992-93 Women's Basketball Team Graduated:  


Name Graduated
Rachel Audi full bio Rachel Audi Graduated: 1986
Edward Barber full bio Edward Barber Graduated: 1971
Pamela Barth-Cunninham full bio Pamela Barth-Cunninham Graduated: 1987
James Bowles full bio James Bowles Graduated: 1975
Philip Brown full bio Philip Brown Graduated:  
Russell Hilton full bio Russell Hilton Graduated: 1985
William "Ducey" Hughes full bio William "Ducey" Hughes Graduated: 1979
Christina Kelly full bio Christina Kelly Graduated: 1980
George Mardigan full bio George Mardigan Graduated: 1963
Joseph Purello full bio Joseph Purello Graduated:  
1988-1989 Women's Basketball Team full bio 1988-1989 Women's Basketball Team Graduated:  


Name Graduated
William Adams full bio William Adams Graduated: 1971
Nelson Bagnardi full bio Nelson Bagnardi Graduated: 1975
1968 Baseball Team full bio 1968 Baseball Team Graduated:  
Raymond Bigrow full bio Raymond Bigrow Graduated: 1975
Deborah Dubois full bio Deborah Dubois Graduated: 1973
James J. Fitzgibbons full bio James J. Fitzgibbons Graduated:  
Casmir Galka full bio Casmir Galka Graduated: 1966
Robert Kirchuberger full bio Robert Kirchuberger Graduated:  
Matthew Kupic full bio Matthew Kupic Graduated:  
Dominic Martino full bio Dominic Martino Graduated: 1965
Jack Payette full bio Jack Payette Graduated:  


Name Graduated
Fred Campbell full bio Fred Campbell Graduated: 1969
Vincent Carnevale full bio Vincent Carnevale Graduated: 1970
Morris Collins full bio Morris Collins Graduated: 1973
Timothy Dennis full bio Timothy Dennis Graduated: 1966
Norman "Pop" Gates full bio Norman "Pop" Gates Graduated: 1956
Dennis Greene full bio Dennis Greene Graduated: 1973
Michael Hetman full bio Michael Hetman Graduated: 1968
John Hopper full bio John Hopper Graduated: 1973
Paul Jordan full bio Paul Jordan Graduated: 1963
Richard McDonald full bio Richard McDonald Graduated: 1968
Jack McMahon full bio Jack McMahon Graduated: 1964
Robert Norton full bio Robert Norton Graduated: 1967
Thomas Ogden full bio Thomas Ogden Graduated: 1967
Donald W. Schmidt full bio Donald W. Schmidt Graduated:  
Roger Seymour full bio Roger Seymour Graduated: 1964
Richard Spurling full bio Richard Spurling Graduated: 1968
Ronald Tatar full bio Ronald Tatar Graduated: 1969
Kathryn Wagoner full bio Kathryn Wagoner Graduated: 1972
Gary Walcot full bio Gary Walcot Graduated: 1971
Gregory Wilson full bio Gregory Wilson Graduated: 1966
Rudy Wurtemberger full bio Rudy Wurtemberger Graduated: