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Outdoor Athletic Complex

The Outdoor Athletic Complex was completed in August 2016 on the site of the former soccer/lacrosse field and football field.

Features include:

  • 400-meter, eight-lane track
  • Synthetic turf field
  • Natural grass practice field
  • Concession, box office, storage and restroom facility
  • Grandstand seating and bleachers
  • Scoreboard and sports lighting

Benefits of the Outdoor Athletic Complex

  • Expanded athletic and exercise opportunities for all Hudson Valley Community College students, faculty, staff and members of the community
  • Low maintenance synthetic turf field for the college's intramural sports and intercollegiate athletic teams
  • High quality natural grass practice field for use by all college athletic teams and summer camp programs
  • Improved and expanded facilities for students pursuing physical education coursework
  • Opportunity for Hudson Valley Community College to host regional, state-wide and national athletic contests in a variety of sports at the high school and collegiate levels

Funding and Sponsors

The $4.5 million Outdoor Athletic Complex was completed through funding provided by the Faculty Student Association of Hudson Valley Community College, Inc. (FSA) and New York State, the Athletic Department, Student Senate class gifts, and corporate and individual donors. Thanks to their support and efforts, the college now stands among the most well-equipped of all community colleges in the United States.

The FSA wishes to thank the following corporations and individuals for their donations to the Outdoor Athletic Complex.


Mr. E. Stewart Jones
Attorney at Law, E. Stewart Jones Law Firm, PLLC

Ely Law, PLLC

Marshall & Sterling Insurance

Ms. Deborah Tanski
Administrator, Price Chopper's Golub Foundation

Ms. Christine Tieri
President, Smith & Jones Idea Agency

FSA Board of Directors

Mr. Eric Bryant
Mr. Eugene Corcione
Ms. Annette Crawford-Harris
Mr. Jason Degnan
Mr. Alexander Duerr
Mr. William J. Eckert
Mr. William Fagan
Ms. Amanda Farinacci
Ms. Bette Frisino
Mr. Dane Liberty
Mr. Ronald Mulson
Dr. Alexander J. Popovics
Mr. David E. Scott Jr.
Mr. James Walsh
Ms. Ann Carrozza


Mr. Fred Aliberti
Mr. Alfredo Balarin
Mr. Kevin Bauer
Ms. Mary Claire Bauer
Ms. Molly Bauer
Ms. Christine Beckstein
Ms. Sharyn Bouck
Mr. John Braungard
Ms. Vivian Brooks
Mr. Phil Brown
Ms. Jacqueline Bujanow
Ms. Katherine Burkart
Ms. Elise Chan
Mr. David Clickner
Ms. Melissa Coon
Mr. Louis Coplin
Ms. Alycia Courter
Dr. Carolyn Curtis
Mr. Jay Deitchman
Ms. Sara Donnelly
Mr. Larraine Ellis
Ms. Sandra Eyerman
Mr. Joel Fatato
Ms. Karen Ferrer-Muniz
Ms. Carol Finn
Mr. Donald Frament
Mr. Patrick Gareau
Dr. Margaret Geehan
Ms. Suzanne Glaude
Dr. Michael Green
Ms. Gayle & Mr. Tom Healy
Mr. Justin Hoyt
Mr. Stephen Huneau
Mr. Matthew Johnson
Mr. Christopher Joyce
Ms. Kathleen Kelly
Mr. Dennis Kennedy
Mr. James LaGatta
Ms. Regina LaGatta
Ms. Eileen Maloney
Dr. Lucille Marion
Ms. DeAnne Martocci
Mr. Robert J. Marx Jr.
Dr. Drew Matonak
Mr. Christopher Mazzeo
Ms. Susan McLean
Mr. Tyler McNeil
Ms. Mary McQuade
Mr. Rick Miller
Mr. Mark Mitchell
Mr. Michael Muehling
Mr. Justin Murphy
Ms. Judith O'Connor
Ms. Jen Obregon
Mr. John Ostwald
Ms. Kristan Pelletier 
Ms. Sarah Popovics
Ms. Denise Potenza
Ms. Claudine Potvin-Giordano
Ms. Jessica Pugliese
Ms. Deborah Renfrew
Ms. Sarah Retersdorf
Ms. Mary Kate Robinson
Mr. Thomas P Rogan
Mr. David Sarnacki
Mr. Stephen Stasack
Mr. Stephen Stegman
Mr. Robert Swanick
Dr. Kathleen Sweener
Ms. Heather Teale
Ms. Christine Tieri
Mr. Paul Tonelli
Ms. Vonnie Vannier
Ms. Lisa VanWie
Mr. Robert Whitaker
Ms. Sandra Wimmer
Ms. Carrie Zurenko

Other Donations

Student Senate (2012 Class Gift)
Student Senate (2013 Class Gift)
Student Senate (2014 Class Gift)
Student Senate (2015 Class Gift)
Student Senate (2016 Class Gift)
FSA donation
Intercollegiate Athletics
Center for Careers and Transfer 
Alpha Xi Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa 
The FELLAS Golf League

Outdoor Athletic Complex