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Student Senate & Athletics Retention Program (S.S.A.R.P.)

Members of Student Senate Sponsored Organizations and Intercollegiate Athletes - Academic Eligibility Requirements:

For the purpose of determining eligibility of an NJCAA student-athlete to participate in Faculty Student Association-governed intercollegiate athletics, a student must comply with the NJCAA eligibility standards. In addition, the midterm grades of all courses (including non-credit remedial) for the given semester will be used to determine continued eligibility in athletics. In the case that a student's midterm GPA falls below a 2.0 in the current semester, in order to maintain eligibility, the student will be given the option to enroll into the Student Senate and Athletics Retention Program. Students who maintain all programmatic requirements will remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics until midterm grades are overridden by the end of term grades.

Student Senate & Athletics Retention Program:

Weekly Programmatic Requirements- All student-athletes enrolled in the program will have to meet the weekly programmatic requirements below:

  1. Participants in the SSARP must meet 1-on-1 with an academic coach in the Center for Academic Engagement (Campus Center 230) at least once per week. 
  • If a student-athlete misses their designated meeting, they will be removed from the program.
  1. Participants must complete a Study Hour Tracking Sheet which indicates a minimum of five (5) verified study hours completed each week, which can be completed in any combination of the following learning centers: Center for Academic Engagement (CAE), Writing & Research Center, Learning Assistance Center (LAC), the Computer Learning Center (CLC), and/or the Student-Athlete Study Hall sessions located in Stadium Classroom Building. 
  • If a student-athlete fails to complete five (5) study hours, they will be removed from the program.
  1. Mandatory class attendance and weekly progress reports.
  • If a student-athlete misses a class, they will be removed from the program.

Study Hour Tracking and Progress Report sheet must be turned in by the following Monday of the week at noon, to an academic coach at the Center for Academic Engagement. 

*In the event of an emergency, if a student-athlete cannot make their scheduled 1-on-1 meeting with their academic coach and/or a scheduled class, they must email prior to their scheduled appointment and/or class.

If a student-athlete does not meet all of the weekly standards above, the student-athlete will be immediately removed from their respective program for the remainder of the semester.

For additional information on the Student Senate & Athlete Retention Program, please contact:

Adam Sopris Doreen McGreevey
Assistant Director of Athletics Academic Coach - CAE   
Office: MCD 215 Office: CTR 231
518-629-7898 518-629-7512